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The – yet – only englishspoken section of Bürgerrechte & Polizei/CILIP. FInd here a brief summary of all articles of each edition.


This is once more an edition which is devoted exclusively to internal security legislation in the Federal Republic of Germany. Strong public pressure forced the coalition of Christian Democrats and Free Democrats to change earlier drafts of the legislation from 1985. In this issue we publish the following revised drafts that were introduced into the West German parliament in April 1989:
– the law concerning the cooperation between the federal and state internal intelligence agencies
* the Military intelligence service act (MAD)
* the Federal espionage service act (BND)
* the Federal data protection act
* the public service procedure act – regulating the handling of personal data in public service agencies. Summary weiterlesen


This issue does not focus on a central theme. It deals with different aspects of present day policing in W-Germany.

The editorial discusses the relationship between politics and police in the light of a forthcoming event: The annual meeting of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) which is scheduled to take place in Berlin this fall. The attemps by several organizations and third-world-groups in Germany to inform about the dangerous role of the IMF in the world economic system will climax in September, when about 10.000 bankers and officials will meet in the city. Official sources already voice their concern about „the most difficult task of the Berlin police since the end of the Second World War“. The Berlin police force with its 12.000 members will be enlarged by another 2.500 men from the Federal Republic. Summary weiterlesen