Thematic Focus: Corona Pandemic – The CILIP Diary

Diary of Homeland Security: Chronicle of the Corona Pandemic
by the CILIP Editorial Team

The fight against the new Corona virus in Germany entails restrictions of fundamental rights that were beyond imagination until recently. By documenting the developments that took place from 25 February to 15 May 2020, as a civil liberties organisation, we aim to contribute to the complete push back of all these new laws, regulations, and provisions.

“Politics is debated like hardly ever before” – Discussing Corona
by Dirk Burczyk, Tom Jennissen, Jenny Künkel, Christian Meyer and Matthias Monroy

For weeks, all German states have cancelled the right of free movement that is enshrined in Article 11 of the Basic Law to fight Covid-19. Also, the right to assembly guaranteed by Article 8 of the Basic Law was terminated almost completely to protect other fundamental rights such as the right to life and physical integrity of Article 2 of the Basic Law. We discuss legislation, executive ordinances, and policing as well as their implications.

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